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This site is optimised for marketing by affiliates. We use the highly trusted and secure Digistore24 platform. Our commission rate currently is 50% of the sales price for art courses, and 95% (to you) for the ebook.

To become an affiliate:

  • Every affiliate must accept and abide by our Affiliate Agreement
  • Simply click on the link below to join the Digistore24 Network and gain immediate access to our products
  • For any questions prior to joining Digistore24, contact us.

About Digistore24 affiliate tracking:

  1. An affiliate goes to Digistore24 marketplace. There he finds all products created by vendors.
  2. Now the affiliate finds a product he wants to promote and gets a so called promolink.
  3. The affiliate sends this promolink to many potential customers or builds it directly on his website or in his social media posts. His goal is to get customers to click on the link and buy the product. In which way he promotes the product (e.g. through social media campaigns, promotional emails, etc.) is irrelevant.
  4. When a customer now clicks on this promo link, an HTTP cookie is stored in their browser. This allows you to track which affiliate the customer came through for up to 180 days.What is an HTTP cookie?A cookie is figuratively like a bookmark for internet browsers. A website can place a cookie in your browser and can identify you the next time you visit.
  5. When the customer buys the product, Digistore24 registers the deposited HTTP cookie in his browser and can read out from which affiliate the product was advertised.
  6. Digistore24 automatically sends the seller the money earned from the sale and deducts the affiliate commission from it, which is forwarded to the affiliate.
Once you have joined the network you will have access to sales resources for each product.

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